Record of low FODMAP meals: What are you able to eat with a eating regimen low in FODMAP?

Record of low FODMAP meals: What are you able to eat with a eating regimen low in FODMAP?

Notice: This text is for data functions solely and isn’t supposed to diagnose or deal with any illness. When you have well being issues, seek the advice of a licensed well being skilled in individual.

If you’re suggested to comply with a FODMAP elimination eating regimen, a brief record of FODMAP meals could make your life rather a lot simpler.

Under, we’ve got organized a whole record of meals to be savored and meals to keep away from throughout a eating regimen low in FODMAP.

What are the FODMAP?

FODMAP stands for oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and fermentable polyols.

These are all kinds of poorly absorbed carbohydrates within the small gut. In consequence, they journey within the giant gut, nearly intact, the place they’re fermented by the intestinal micro organism.

The fermentation course of releases hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, which trigger disagreeable digestive signs in individuals who don’t tolerate FODMAP nicely. Signs embody (1, 2):

A FODMAP Elimination Weight loss plan is a short-term plan to establish carbohydrates that set off digestive signs. The elimination eating regimen strictly limits meals wealthy in FODMAP for a number of weeks, then reintroduces them progressively to find out which meals are inflicting your signs.

This method could also be helpful for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bacterial overgrowth within the small gut, inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) and illness celiac (three, four).

The trick is to know which meals to keep away from. The remainder of this text will overview a number of the finest and worst meals for individuals with intolerance to FODMAP, and can present a listing of meals containing little FODMAP that will help you get began.

Summary: FODMAP is an acronym used to explain sure carbohydrates that aren’t nicely absorbed within the small gut. These carbohydrates journey largely intact within the giant gut, the place they’re fermented by intestinal micro organism. The fermentation course of creates digestive gases that may trigger signs comparable to bloating, flatulence, abdomen ache, constipation and diarrhea.

New on FODMAP and also you need your eating regimen to restart

I created a 14-day digestive well being replenishment plan that features:

14-day low FODMAP meal plan
Purchasing record
Cheat Sheet
Fb group for help
Tutorials movies and masses extra.

FODMAP in meals

This record of meals containing little FODMAP is organized by meals class and consists of the very best and worst decisions.

With regard to FODMAP, the dose produces the poison. Meals wealthy in FODMAP ought to be completely averted till which kinds of FODMAP are bothering you. The beneficial serving sizes are for meals with reasonable FODMAP content material.

Don’t forget that even meals with little FODMAP may cause issues in the event you eat them in giant portions. That is known as FODMAP stacking. For instance, soy sauce is technically thought-about a weak FODMAP condiment, however it may trigger signs in the event you eat greater than two tablespoons. That is very true if you find yourself serving it with different FODMAP-rich meals.


Good news for vegetable lovers: your FODMAP meals record accommodates many greens!

FODMAP greens to savor:

Rocket (rocket)
Asian Greens and Collard
Inexperienced beans
Bean sprouts
Peppers (peppers)
Celery root (celery root)
Swiss chard
Chile (pink or inexperienced)
Fennel (bulb and leaves)
Ginger and Galanga
Lettuce (all kinds)
Canned mushrooms
Shimeji mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms
Pumpkin / squash (Japanese)
Inexperienced onions / inexperienced onions (inexperienced elements solely)
Algae / Nori
Spinach (child or English)
Water chestnut

Limiting Vegetable Consumption to the FODMAP Weight loss plan:

Beetroot (½ cup)
Brussels sprouts (2 giant or four small)
Corn (½ ear)
Inexperienced or black olives (15 small)
Candy potato (½ potato)
Butternut squash (½ cup)
Snow peas (5 cloves)
Spaghetti Squash (1 cup)

Greens wealthy in FODMAP to keep away from:

Leek (white elements, inexperienced elements are high quality!)
Portobello mushrooms
Mushrooms of Paris
Shiitake mushrooms
Inexperienced onions / spring onions (white elements, inexperienced elements are high quality!)


You may nonetheless eat plenty of fruits with a low FODMAP eating regimen, offered you keep away from meals wealthy in oligosaccharides, fructose and polyols.

Fruits with low FODMAP content material to be savored:

Inexperienced lemons
Ardour fruit

Limiting fruit consumption to the FODMAP eating regimen:

Bananas (farms / inexperienced, common 1)
Cantaloupe (½ cup)
Coconut (desiccated, ½ cup)
Honeydew melon (½ cup)
Kiwi (2 small)
Pineapple (1 cup)
Avocado (very small portions solely)

FODMAP Fruits to Keep away from:

Ripe bananas
Raisins and raisins

Cereals, grains, flour and different substances

Many grains and cereal merchandise are wealthy in oligosaccharides and ought to be averted with a eating regimen low in FODMAP.

Monitor FODMAP-rich substances in cereals, bakery merchandise, granola and different grain merchandise (even these containing low-FODMAP flours). Honey, agave nectar, excessive fructose corn syrup, dried fruits and sweeteners are frequent offenses.

Cereals, cereals, flours and different substances to be loved, low in FODMAP:

Gluten-free bread
True sourdough bread (with out yeast)
Buckwheat flour
Cereal with out gluten (with out honey or dried fruits)
Corn flakes
Corn flour / corn
Corn tortillas
Muesli (no fruit)
Rice Krispies
Tapioca flour
Wheat grass powder

Cereals, cereals, flours and different substances for limiting a eating regimen low in FODMAP:

Cocoa powder (2 teaspoons / four.5 grams)
Oats, rolled (½ cup)

Cereals, cereals, flour and different substances wealthy in FODMAP to keep away from:

Besan flour
Cereal, muesli or granola with wheat, honey or dried fruits
Chick pea flour
Coconut flour
rye flour
Soy flour
Wheat flour
All excessive FODMAP flour meals (truffles, cookies, biscuits, breads, muffins, and so forth.)

Pasta, rice and noodles

There isn’t any have to abandon noodles and rice with a eating regimen low in FODMAP, as a result of there are numerous secure choices!

Pasta, rice and noodles to be savored with low FODMAP content material:

Konjac noodles
Rice noodles
Pasta with out gluten
Rice (all kinds besides pilaf rice)
Rice noodles

Pasta, rice and noodles to keep away from wealthy in FODMAP:

Noodles with eggs
udon noodles
Ramen noodles
Wheat noodles
Semolina noodles
Rice, quinoa, pasta and noodles flavored and full of substances wealthy in FODMAP

Dairy merchandise and dairy substitutes

Lactose is a pure sugar that’s present in milk and dairy merchandise.

About 65% of people have no idea find out how to digest it and should completely keep away from lactose.

Dairy merchandise and different dairy merchandise to be savored with FODMAP:

Cheese (all agency varieties)
cottage cheese
Lactose free yoghurt (nature)
Milk with out lactose
Almond milk
Hemp milk
Quinoa milk
Milk rice
Soy milk (constituted of proteins)

Dairy and different dairy merchandise to keep away from with FODMAP:

Cream cheese
Cow milk
Goat's milk
Oat milk
Sheep milk
Soy milk constituted of soy
Canned coconut milk (you might be able to tolerate very small portions)

Soy protein, egg, legume and soy proteins

Except for sausages and processed meats, most animal proteins naturally comprise little FODMAP.

Vegetarians even have loads of choices, however want to concentrate to some soy protein and a few beans.

Meat, Eggs, Legumes and Soy Protein Low in FODMAP:

Fish (together with smoked or gluten-free dough)
Chilly cuts (test the labels of the primary FODMAP substances – comparable to onions, garlic, honey or excessive fructose corn syrup)
Canned and rinsed lentils
Lima and mung beans
Tofu (agency)

Excessive FODMAP content material of meat, eggs, legumes and soy protein to keep away from:

Most sausages
Meat processed with excessive FODMAP content material
Baked beans
Black beans
Cannellini beans
Blended beans
Tofu (silky)
Chick peas (very small quantities of canned and rinsed chickpeas might be tolerated)

Nuts and seeds

With few exceptions, nuts and seeds are meals low in FODMAP.

Walnut and pine seed butters are additionally good, offered they don’t comprise FODMAP-rich sweeteners or different substances.

FODMAP nuts and seeds to savor:

Brazil nut
Macadamia nuts
Pine nuts
pecan nuts
Chia seeds
Poppy seeds

Wealthy nuts and seeds to keep away from FODMAP:

Sweeteners, sauces and condiments

Sweeteners, sauces and condiments might be delicate with a low FODMAP eating regimen.

It’s best to eat these meals in small quantities or to keep away from them utterly in the event you shouldn’t have entry to the record of substances.

Don’t forget both that garlic and onions are meals wealthy in FODMAP. Though butter and oil naturally comprise little FODMAP, the infused varieties might not be so.

Sweeteners, sauces and condiments flavored with low FODMAP:

Barbecue sauce
Ketchup / Tomato Sauce
pink sugar syrup
maple syrup
mint sauce
mint jelly
Miso paste
Peanut butter
Sweeteners (Equal, Stevia and Splenda)
Shrimp paste
Soy sauce, fish and oysters
Candy and bitter sauce
Vanilla flavoring
Vegemite / Marmite
apple cider vinegar
Malt vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Purple wine vinegar
Worcestershire sauce

Sweeteners, sauces and condiments to keep away from wealthy in FODMAP:

curry paste
Mixture of sauce
Excessive Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
Jam (actual jam of strawberries and marmalade go nicely!)
Pasta sauces

Candies and snacks

Additionally, you will want to concentrate to your treats and snacks with a low FODMAP eating regimen.

These meals could comprise flours, sweeteners, onions, garlic and different substances wealthy in FODMAP. Attempt a number of the choices beneath or select from this record of 77 straightforward and attractive FODMAP snacks as a substitute.

FODMAP sweets and snacks to savor:

Darkish chocolate (85% or extra cocoa is right)
Corn chips
Biscuits or cookies constituted of low FODMAP flours
Chips / chips (plain, salty)
Pop corn
Rice biscuits, rice truffles

Candies and snacks wealthy in FODMAP to keep away from:

Milk chocolate
White chocolate
Muesli bars
Dried fruit
Chips or snacks with onion powder or wing (vegetable powder normally accommodates one or each!)

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Flat water is normally your most suitable option of drink, whether or not you remove FODMAP or not.

Generally, although, you need just a little selection. Listed here are a few of your finest and worst decisions.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with low FODMAP content material:

Beer (select gluten free in case you have celiac illness)
Drink chocolate (select cocoa or cocoa, however not carob)
Espresso (with out milk)
Cranberry juice
Contemporary orange juice
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Tomato juice
Black tea
Inexperienced tea
Dandelion tea
Peppermint tea
Purple wine
White wine

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to keep away from wealthy in FODMAP:

Apple juice
The water of coconut
Pear cider
Mango juice
Pear juice
Sodas with HFCS
Some kinds of natural teas
Dessert wines

Planning a Poor Weight loss plan in FODMAP

Prepared to start out a FODMAP elimination eating regimen?

Listed here are some FODMAP meal concepts:

Want just a little extra assist? You may gain advantage from this 14-day digestive restart.

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