The right way to Cook dinner Rice

The right way to Cook dinner Rice

Rice, whether or not long-, medium- or short-grain,1 is a staple in lots of nations like India, China, Japan,2 Korea,three Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.Four It may be loved savory or candy5 and pairs properly with varied substances. Some frequent kinds of rice embody white, brown, crimson, black6 and wild,7 though you might also encounter different “particular” kinds of rice like jasmine, basmati and Arborio.eight

Nonetheless don’t know the way to prepare dinner rice? It’s not too late to study. Having information on the way to prepare dinner this grain could turn out to be useful the subsequent time you want new concepts in your meals. However earlier than you begin cooking, right here’s a reminder on why you need to restrict your rice consumption — and why the appropriate cooking method issues.

Rice could supply well being advantages if cooked this fashion

One caveat with rice is that it’s excessive in internet carbs and extreme consumption can increase your threat for insulin resistance, which is why you need to reasonable your consumption. If consumed in extra, rice and different wheat-based meals like bread and pasta may also injury a few of your intestine’s tight junctions, which assist preserve intestinal barrier perform and permit ions, vitamins and water to go by means of,9 because the grain itself comprises excessive quantities of lectins. Nonetheless, there could a approach to sidestep this — so long as you comply with this cooking method.

Research present that there are three steps to bettering rice’s dietary content material: cooking, cooling after which reheating. The final two steps are essential, as a result of when cooled and reheated, rice, in addition to different high-net carb meals like potatoes, bread and pasta, turns into digestive-resistant.

Digestive-resistant starch acts as a kind of indigestible and low-viscous fiber that ferments in your massive gut and acts as a prebiotic. It passes by means of your digestive system with out being damaged down, so it doesn’t increase your blood sugar and insulin ranges. Digestive-resistant starch additionally bulks up your bowels for simpler elimination.  

Research discovered that cooling then reheating cooked rice makes it digestive-resistant by means of a course of referred to as starch retrogradation.10,11 As soon as on this kind, you could possibly unlock its potential well being advantages. That is higher than simply consuming freshly cooked rice. Take into account this: A 2015 Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Diet article reported that consuming cooked rice that’s been cooled for 24 hours then reheated was discovered to higher scale back the physique’s glycemic response in comparison with consuming freshly cooked rice.12

Authors of a 2012 Diet Analysis and Apply examine additionally seen that rats that ate rice that was heated and allowed to chill a number of occasions had improved intestine perform, elevated stool manufacturing and lowered ldl cholesterol ranges, and had been much less more likely to achieve weight.13 To learn extra about digestive-resistant starches, learn this text.

Different well being reminders when consuming rice

However even with the potential to grow to be a digestive-resistant starch, I nonetheless advise maintaining your internet carbs under 15 or 20 grams per day as a basic rule, till you’re metabolically versatile and have recaptured your skill to burn fats. As soon as you’ve reached this level, grains may be reintroduced and may be a part of a nutritious diet.

The place you get your rice can be essential, as rice can simply take up arsenic and metals equivalent to cadmium from the bottom it’s grown in.14,15 In truth, analysis is stuffed with reviews of rice being closely contaminated with arsenic which will result in uncomfortable side effects like sore throat, irritated lungs, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.16,17,18 So, as a lot as potential, go for natural varieties.

The kind of rice you decide issues

Though white rice could be very well-liked and thought of a staple in Asian nations like Thailand, Japan and Vietnam,19 take observe that it’s not the healthiest selection. White rice normally undergoes refining and sprucing, eradicating the grain’s seed coat and embryo and presumably its dietary content material, too.20

As an alternative of white rice, go for different varieties like brown and black rice. Cooked long-grain brown rice gives 208 milligrams of phosphorus and 174 milligrams of potassium per 1-cup serving.21 When used as a substitute for white rice, it might result in a lowered Sort 2 diabetes threat, based on a 2010 Archives of Inner Medication examine.22

Black rice is an effective selection, too, because it’s wealthy in antioxidants23 referred to as anthocyanins24 that could decrease your threat for well being issues like most cancers and coronary heart illness.25,26 If you wish to know extra in regards to the potential advantages of brown and black rice, test out this text.

How lengthy does it take to prepare dinner rice?

It is determined by the variability. White rice can take so long as 25 minutes to prepare dinner,27 however brown and wild — 40 to 60 minutes, relying on the rice and the recipe.28,29 Ideally, if you’re reheating it, rice ought to be cooked till it reaches a excessive temperature, as micro organism can develop quickly in environments with temperatures between 40 and 140 levels F.30

If you happen to made an excessive amount of rice, you possibly can retailer it within the fridge for three days, offered it’s saved in an space with a temperature of 41 levels F (5 levels C),31 or within the freezer for as much as three months.32 You’ll wish to cool rice down utterly to room temperature earlier than storing.33 As soon as this step is finished, place it in a decent container and refrigerate or freeze it.34 If you happen to’re prepared to make use of frozen rice, The Kitchn suggests heating it on a small saucepan over low warmth and stirring it ceaselessly till prepared.35

The right way to prepare dinner white rice correctly

White rice is the commonest sort consumed at the moment, making up greater than 70% of rice consumption.36 White rice may be ready on the stovetop, utilizing this information tailored from Bon Appétit journal:37

The right way to prepare dinner rice on the range

Serving measurement: three cups


1 cup short-, medium- or long-grain white rice (not parboiled, transformed or quick-cooking)
half teaspoon Himalayan salt


Rinse 1 cup long-grain white rice in a fine-mesh sieve till the water runs clear (this may increasingly take as much as a minute). Alternatively, you possibly can rinse the rice in a bowl or pot with a number of modifications of chilly water, draining rigorously between rinses. Rinsing rice earlier than cooking it’s key — it washes away the starchy powder that would make the grains of rice clump and stick collectively.
Mix rice, half teaspoon Himalayan salt and 1 1/Four cups filtered water in a medium saucepan.
Give all the things a mild stir. Carry to a boil, then cowl pot with a tight-fitting lid and scale back warmth to low, aiming for the bottom potential flame. Cook dinner rice, undisturbed — meaning not opening the lid — for 18 minutes.
Take away pan from warmth. Let stand at the very least 15 minutes or till prepared to make use of. Uncover and fluff cooked rice with a fork earlier than serving.

Electrical rice cookers, which had been obtainable as early as 1955 in Japan,38 are handy if you wish to make white rice. This tailored information from The Spruce Eats will present you the way:39

The right way to prepare dinner rice in a rice cooker

Complete time: 25 minutes Cook dinner time: 20 minutes Preparation time: 5 minutes Serving measurement: 6


1 cup rice
2 cups water
half teaspoon Himalayan salt


Collect the substances.
Observe the directions that include your rice cooker and the kind of rice you’re making ready.
For most rice cookers, mix 1 half to 2 cups of liquid with 1 cup of rice; this will yield about three cups rice or sufficient for six (1/2-cup) servings.
Flip the rice cooker on and let it prepare dinner based on the directions.
Most rice cookers can maintain the cooked rice heat for hours with out burning. Test to see in case your rice cooker has a selected warming setting or if it should activate routinely.
Get pleasure from along with your favourite recipes or by itself!

Utilizing a strain cooker to make rice can be potential; do this information tailored from The Kitchn:40

The right way to prepare dinner rice in an electrical strain cooker

Serving measurement: 6 cups


2 cups basmati rice
three cups water
1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
Non-obligatory: 1 teaspoon grass fed unsalted butter


Place the rice, water and salt within the bowl of an electrical strain cooker. Lock the lid on.
Set the strain cooker to excessive and set the timer for 4 minutes.
Let the steam launch naturally for 10 minutes. Don’t open the discharge valve.
Fastidiously fast launch the remaining strain till the lid can open. Add the butter, if utilizing, and fluff with a fork.

How do you prepare dinner brown rice?

In contrast to white rice, brown rice has an outer layer containing the grain’s bran and germ. It tastes stronger and nuttier in comparison with white rice, and may work properly with stronger-flavored meals and flavors like smoked fish, ginger and soy sauce. It’s additionally thought-about extra nutritious than white rice. When cooking brown rice, BBC Good Meals notes that you simply have to double the quantity of water and supply ample time for the rice to take up the liquid. Brown rice cooks longer than white rice, and should want an extra 30 to 35 minutes.41

As soon as brown rice is completed cooking, flip off the warmth and let it relaxation for at the very least 10 minutes with the lid on, so it might probably take up moisture and grow to be gentle and fluffy. If you happen to’re thinking about cooking brown rice, attempt the recipes under:42

The right way to prepare dinner brown rice


1 1/Four cups brown rice
2 cups water


Put the rice in a medium-sized saucepan with a well-fitting lid and pour over the water. Carry to a rolling boil after which scale back the warmth to a mild simmer.
Cook dinner for 30 minutes then flip off the warmth.
Shortly cowl with a lid and depart tightly lined for one more 5 to 10 minutes to take up any remaining water.
Serve instantly with a stew or curry, fish, hen or tofu.

What’s the best water-to-rice ratio?

It can primarily depend upon the kind of rice you will have. Listed here are some tips on the best water-to-rice ratio from Southern Dwelling journal:

Lengthy-grain white rice — 2 cups water to 1 cup rice
Lengthy-grain brown rice — 1 three/Four cups water to 1 cup rice
Quick-grain white rice — 1 1/Four cups water to 1 cup rice
Quick-grain brown rice — 2 cups water to 1 cup rice

The right way to reheat rice

As talked about, reheating chilled, cooked rice could also be higher for you in contrast to freshly cooked rice as a result of the cooling-reheating course of helps enhance the digestive resistant starches within the rice. Nonetheless, you will want to be very cautious when reheating rice. In response to Medical Information In the present day, rice can home a micro organism pressure referred to as Bacillus cereus that may stay within the meals even when it’s cooked and set off meals poisoning and related signs. To stop these adversarial results, be aware of these reminders:43

Wash your fingers utilizing plain cleaning soap and water earlier than you put together any meals.
Hold utensils that come into contact with uncooked animal merchandise separate.
Don’t depart rice sitting in your desk or counter for a couple of hour. You possibly can eat chilly rice offered it has been saved and cooled appropriately.
Attempt to cool meals rapidly by portioning the meals, maintaining them in shallow containers and masking them with a lid, or inserting sizzling meals (like risotto and paella, which are likely to freeze higher in contrast to white rice) instantly into the freezer.

Reheating rice may be executed in a number of methods, however all the time bear in mind that the meals ought to be sizzling all through the method:44,45

Place the rice in a wok or sauté pan with coconut oil or grass fed butter.
Flip the range to medium warmth and stir rice repeatedly. If there are clumps, break them up.
Proceed stirring the rice so it’s lined in oil.
Use a thermometer to test the rice’s inner temperature. Guarantee it’s at the very least 165 levels F.
Serve instantly when piping sizzling.
Place the rice in a saucepan with 1 to 2 tablespoons of grass fed butter or coconut oil.
For every cup of rice, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water, and produce to a simmer. Place a lid on the sauce pan.
Repeatedly stir the rice. After the water has boiled off, use a thermometer to see if the rice’s inner temperature is at 165 levels F.
Serve instantly when piping sizzling.
In an oven-safe baking dish, mix the rice with a small quantity of water.
Use a fork to interrupt up massive clumps of rice and cowl the dish with a tight-fitting lid.
Bake the rice at 300 levels F for about 20 minutes or till the rice is absolutely heated.

The right way to make fried rice

If you wish to reheat rice and add taste on the similar time, attempt making fried rice. Totally different cuisines have their very own fried rice variations, such as China’s yangchow or Yangzhou fried rice, Indonesia’s nasi goreng (fried rice with shrimp paste), Thailand’s pineapple fried rice and southern India’s lemon rice.47

In response to The Spruce Eats, utilizing beforehand cooked rice round two to a few days previous is important for this dish, because it’s dryer and gained’t make the general dish moist and sloppy. Earlier than cooking, use your fingers to rub the rice and eradicate clumps — ensuring to scrub your fingers completely first and to make use of sanitary kitchen cooking gloves as properly.

If you happen to solely have freshly cooked rice, restaurateur and movie star chef Ming Tsai says you possibly can “mimic” the consistency of days-old rice by inserting it on a baking sheet and freezing for 25 to 30 minutes.48 Do this primary egg fried rice recipe tailored from BBC Good Meals:49

Egg fried rice recipe

Complete time: 20 minutes Cook dinner time: 10 minutes Prep time: 10 minutes


1 1/Four cups long-grain rice
three tablespoons coconut oil
1 onion, finely chopped
Four pasture-raised eggs, overwhelmed
2 spring onions, sliced, to serve


Cook dinner the rice following pack directions, then drain, unfold it out to steam-dry and put aside.
Warmth 2 tablespoons of the oil in a big wok over a excessive warmth, then add the onion and fry till evenly browned, round 5 minutes. Add the rice, stir and toast for about three minutes, then transfer to the facet of the pan.
Add the remaining oil, then tip within the egg combination. Depart to prepare dinner a bit, then combine in with the rice — stir vigorously to coat the grains or, in the event you want the egg chunkier, permit to set for a bit longer earlier than breaking apart and stirring by means of. Tip right into a serving bowl and scatter over the spring onion to serve.

You probably have leftover fried rice, you possibly can reheat it in a frying pan.50

Rice recipes you can also make at house

Stocking up on rice supplies you with a possibility to prepare dinner a number of dishes with it. You can also make a scrumptious rice pilaf containing aromatics like onion, garlic, fennel, carrots or shallots,51 greens like peas, chopped peppers or mushrooms, and herbs and spices. This rice pilaf recipe tailored from The Kitchn will make your meals fascinating:52

Rice pilaf recipe

Serving measurement: Four to six


1 cup long-grain white rice
1 tablespoon coconut oil or grass fed butter
half medium yellow onion, diced
half teaspoon Himalayan salt
1 three/Four cups bone broth, vegetable broth, water or a mixture of water and broth


2-quart sauce pan with lid


Place the rice in a strainer and rinse it completely underneath cool water. There isn’t a have to dry the rice earlier than cooking; a little bit of moisture on the rice is okay. Set the strainer of rice apart whilst you prepare dinner the onion.
Heat the coconut oil or butter within the saucepan over medium warmth. Add the onion and prepare dinner till the onion is translucent and mushy.
Add the rice to the pan and stir to coat with coconut oil or butter. Proceed to prepare dinner, stirring typically, till the guidelines of the rice flip translucent and the rice smells aromatic and toasted.
Pour the broth or water and salt into the saucepan and enhance the warmth to medium-high. Carry to a boil.
As quickly because the water involves a boil, scale back the warmth to low and canopy the pot. Cook dinner with out lifting the lid for 15 to 18 minutes. On the finish, test that the rice is tender and has absorbed all of the liquid. If not, cowl and prepare dinner one other jiffy, including a couple of tablespoons of water if wanted.
Take away the pan from warmth and let it sit, lined, for one more 5 to 10 minutes.
Take away the lid and fluff the pilaf with a fork. Switch to a serving bowl and serve.

Mexican rice or Spanish rice is vibrant, crimson and flavorful.53 If you happen to’re trying so as to add some aptitude to your meals, contemplate this recipe tailored from All Recipes:54

Mexican rice recipe

Complete time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes Preparation time: 5 minutes Serving measurement: Four


three tablespoons coconut oil
1 cup raw long-grain rice
1/Four cup chopped onion
half cup tomato sauce
2 cups do-it-yourself bone broth
half teaspoon floor cumin
1 teaspoon Himalayan salt


Warmth the oil in a big saucepan over medium warmth and add rice. Cook dinner, stirring continually, till puffy and golden. Whereas rice is cooking, sprinkle with salt and cumin.
Stir in onions and prepare dinner till tender. Stir in tomato sauce and hen broth; carry to a boil. Cut back warmth to low, cowl and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes. Fluff with a fork.

If you happen to’re operating out of wholesome lunch or dinner concepts, this coriander and hen recipe tailored from My Recipes could clear up this downside:55

Coriander hen and rice recipe

Complete time: 40 minutes Serving measurement: Four (serving measurement is about half cup hen, three/Four cup rice, 1 1/Four cup inexperienced beans and a couple of tablespoons yogurt sauce)


2 tablespoons coconut oil, divided
1 cup raw brown basmati rice
three/eight teaspoon floor turmeric
2 cups unsalted bone broth or hen inventory
1 teaspoon Himalayan salt, divided
1 pound boneless, skinless hen thighs, minimize into three/Four-inch items
three/Four teaspoon floor coriander
half teaspoon garlic powder
1/eight teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 pound recent inexperienced beans, trimmed
half cup grass fed yogurt
1 tablespoon recent lemon juice
1 garlic clove, grated
Lemon wedges, for serving


Warmth 2 teaspoons of oil in a medium saucepan over medium-high warmth. Add rice and turmeric; sauté for one minute. Add inventory and three/eight teaspoon salt; carry to a boil. Cowl, scale back warmth to low and simmer till rice is tender and liquid is absorbed, for about 40 minutes.
Toss collectively hen, coriander, garlic powder, cayenne and three/eight teaspoon salt. Warmth 1 tablespoon oil in a big skillet over medium-high warmth. Cook dinner hen, stirring sometimes, till browned, about 12 minutes. Take away hen. (Don’t wipe skillet clear.)
Add remaining 1 teaspoon oil to skillet. Add beans; prepare dinner, turning each two minutes, till evenly charred. Sprinkle with remaining 1/Four teaspoon salt.
 Mix yogurt, lemon juice and garlic. Serve sauce and lemon wedges with hen, rice and inexperienced beans.

Why you shouldn’t go overboard with rice

Whereas rice is a flexible ingredient that may be cooked in a number of methods and mixed with extra substances, keep in mind that if consumed in extra, its well being dangers will far outweigh its advantages. Consuming an excessive amount of rice could predispose you to points like insulin resistance56 and elevated arsenic publicity.57,58,59 As such, it will be clever to reasonable your rice consumption and different internet carb-rich meals like breads, pasta and potatoes till you’re burning fats as your gasoline.

If you wish to top off on some parts of this grain, test your supply and be sure that you’re all the time getting high-quality natural rice. Keep away from white rice and go for more healthy varieties like brown and black rice as an alternative.

Continuously requested questions (FAQs) about cooking rice

Q: Does rice have protein?

A: Sure, rice comprises protein, though the quantities differ relying on the size of the grain. In response to the USDA’s Agricultural Analysis Service, a 1-cup serving (186 grams) of cooked and enriched short-grain rice has Four.39 grams60 of protein, whereas a cup of medium-grain rice (additionally 186 g) has Four.43 grams.61 A cup of cooked and enriched long-grain rice weighing 158 grams has a barely lesser quantity of protein at Four.25 grams.62

Q: Does rice have carbs?

A: Rice is a carbohydrate-rich meals. A cup (186 grams) of cooked and enriched short-grain rice has 53.44 grams of carbohydrates,63 whereas its medium-grain counterpart has 53.18 grams.64 Lengthy-grain rice that’s been cooked and enriched has 44.51 grams of carbohydrates per 1 cup (158 grams) serving.65

Q: Is rice gluten-free?

A: Sure. Rice and rice flour could also be thought-about gluten-free.66

Q: Is brown rice good for you?

A: Brown rice is taken into account one of many healthiest kinds of rice as a result of it’s not stripped of significant unsaturated fatty acids, protein, minerals and nutritional vitamins which may be eliminated in the course of the sprucing course of. Some research have additionally proven that consuming brown rice could result in constructive reductions in glucose and fasting insulin ranges67 and will assist in reducing your Sort 2 diabetes threat when used as a substitute for white rice.68

Q: Is brown rice gluten-free?

A: Sure. Some well being web sites checklist brown rice as a gluten-free meals.69,70

Q: Is white rice unhealthy for you?

A: White rice has a low dietary content material, because the refining and sprucing processes it undergoes removes the seed coat and embryo.71 Elevated white rice consumption might also enhance your publicity to contaminants like arsenic,72,73 and may increase your threat for insulin resistance,74,75 a precursor to situations like Sort 2 diabetes.76,77

Q: How lengthy is cooked rice fit for human consumption?

A: You can retailer leftover cooked rice within the fridge for as much as three days in temperatures of 41 levels F (5 levels C),78 or within the freezer for 3 months.79

Q: What’s the quickest approach to prepare dinner rice?

A: If you’re pressed for time, attempt cooking rice in a strain cooker on excessive mode. The rice cooks in simply 4 minutes and steams for an extra 10 minutes.80

Q: How lengthy does it take to prepare dinner rice on the range?

A: In accordance to a recipe from The Spruce Eats, cooking white rice on the range could take 25 minutes.81

Q: How do you prepare dinner undercooked rice?

A: If you find yourself with undercooked rice, Epicurious suggests including one-half cup of water to the rice, masking the pot and letting it simmer.82

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