Watch your again cauli-rice, Banza simply launched chickpea rice

Watch your again cauli-rice, Banza simply launched chickpea rice

Ah, rice. The trusty sidekick to beans. The bottom that holds stir-fries collectively. A necessary ingredient in your sushi. Low-cost and satiating, what’s to not love about it? Oh yeah, the carbs. Certain, rice is wholesome sparsely, however veggie rice is decrease in carbs and energy, which prompted the rise of cauliflower rice. However that’s now not the one possibility on the town. (And by city I imply Complete Meals.) On Tuesday, Banza‘s chickpea rice moved into the neighborhood.

In keeping with Banza, an organization beloved for its chickpea pasta, chickpea rice provides double the fiber and a a lot decrease proportion of carbs as in comparison with brown rice. Not not like its pasta product, the substances checklist is minimal. Ninety p.c of Banza’s chickpea rice is chickpeas with the opposite 10 p.c comprised of a mix of potato starch, xanthan gum, and sea salt.

How does it examine to cauliflower rice, you ask? Properly, there’s an apparent distinction in style, so relying on whether or not you just like the style of cauliflower versus chickpea, that performs a job into what you’ll like higher. However there are some massive variations when it comes to diet. In a half-cup serving, Banza’s chickpea rice comprises 22 grams of protein in comparison with four grams of protein in its cauliflower counterpart. But it surely additionally has extra energy: Cauli-rice solely has 4 energy whereas the chickpea rice has 340 energy per half cup. Relating to fiber, chickpea rice wins out with 10 grams versus cauli-rice’s two grams.

Finally, it appears, the “more healthy” possibility is dependent upon your total wellness targets. When you’re having a post-workout restoration meal or observe a vegetarian weight loss program, the added protein within the chickpea rice may fit in your favor, however should you’re on the lookout for a low-cal snack or meal—or in case your meal already has sufficient protein from, say, rooster, the cauli-rice is perhaps the best way to go.

No matter which one you prefer, the advantage of having extra wholesome choices might spark a serious revolution within the rice aisle.

Listed below are some extra wholesome methods to get sufficient protein, together with some particular suggestions for vegetarians.

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