Sure, it’s actually attainable to drink *too* a lot water throughout a exercise

Sure, it’s actually attainable to drink *too* a lot water throughout a exercise

The significance of staying hydrated—particularly while you’re understanding—can’t be understated. Whereas it’s not unusual to see individuals carrying round gallon jugs of water on the health club, it’s actually attainable to overdose on water. Sadly, what occurs while you drink an excessive amount of water throughout a exercise isn’t generally mentioned. For those who didn’t know already, you’ll be able to positively have an excessive amount of of a great factor.

Hyponatremia, or water intoxication, is a situation that happens when the physique holds onto an excessive amount of water, diluting the blood provide’s sodium ranges. Sometimes attributable to consuming an excessive quantity of water in a brief time frame, hyponatremia is frequent and doubtlessly deadly. Whereas your age, sure medical circumstances, and medicines can enhance your threat, it may also be induced by train. A research performed in 2002 by docs from Harvard College, reported within the New England Journal of Drugs, discovered that 13 p.c of Boston Marathon runners skilled some type of hyponatremia.

“It was initially seen most frequently in elite endurance athletes, like triathletes and ultra-marathoners. Extra lately, it has been described in soccer gamers and different lively individuals,” says orthopedic surgeon David Geier, MD. “It often develops from consuming extra fluid than the quantity of water you lose in sweat, urine, or respiration.”

Dr. Geier, a sports activities drugs specialist and the writer of That’s Gotta Damage: The Accidents That Modified Sports activities Ceaselessly, says the situation is very frequent in athletes getting ready for a race who drink an excessive amount of water earlier than the race and drink so much alongside the course. And relying on the severity of the signs, it may change into life-threatening. “Early signs can embrace dizziness, fatigue, bloating, puffiness, nausea, and feeling lightheaded. Because it progresses, the athlete may exhibit vomiting, confusion, and altered psychological standing. It could even result in seizures and demise,” he explains.

So, how do you be sure you keep hydrated whereas understanding with out consuming an excessive amount of? The most effective technique is to ditch the concept that it’s a must to pound as a lot water as you’ll be able to and as an alternative begin listening to your physique. Your kidneys can get rid of about 5-7 gallons (640-900 ounces) of water a day, however they’ll’t deal with greater than 27-33 ounce per hour, so cool it for those who’re forcing your self to drink any greater than that.

“As a result of completely different actions trigger individuals to lose sweat or bodily fluids in a different way, absolute fluid portions are troublesome to suggest,” says Dr. Geier. “Base your consuming based on thirst. For many athletes, one of the best hydration technique earlier than, throughout, and instantly following train is to drink fluids when thirsty.”

Certain, having a water bottle available on the health club is essential. Taking frequent however small sips is healthier than chugging. And for those who really feel like your physique doesn’t want water, you’re in all probability proper.

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