Your A-to-Z information to the passive-aggressive world of digital communication

Your A-to-Z information to the passive-aggressive world of digital communication

Assist! I want a guide designed explicitly to assist me navigate the nuance that’s the letter/phrase/core worth/feeling “Ok” within the digital age. For actual, texting etiquette is difficult.

As HuffPost  mentioned in an article on Tuesday, there are numerous leagues of significance within the messaging lexicon between “okay,” “kk,” “OK,” and “okay,” okay? Choosing which one to messenger off to your boss and which to ship to your mates is a job in and of itself, however TBH, it’s actually simply the primary frontier nailing down modern-day communication jargon.

Should you took an audit of your textual content messages or firm Slack messages proper now, my guess is you’d discover a fodder for a linguistics graduate scholar’s thesis. There’d be no scarcity of ellipses, “LOL” and “lol,” “yep” and “yeah” and “certain.” My mind already hurts simply enthusiastic about it. Under, I’ve tried to deliver some kind of order to, nicely, modern-day communication.

Behold, the key meanings of widespread digital language, from A to Z.

Ahhhh: “You make little or no sense to me as a human being.”

By: “I don’t know tips on how to spell ‘bye’” or “I spell ‘bye’ like this to insurgent softly.”

Bye: “I understand how to spell ‘bye’ appropriately, and I’d like everybody to know.”

Byyyeee: “So lengthy, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu!”

Gotcha: “I actually hate the suggestions you simply gave me, however you’re my boss” or “You’re my pal and I get you.” [Note: This one is hard to read. You need context.]

ha: “You’re the least humorous particular person I do know” or “I need to finish this sentence with out punctuation.”

haha: “We cool.”

HAHA: “Oh my god you’re truly hilarious.”

hahahahahahaha: “It’s so satisfying to sort tremendous quick on my keyboard.”

Ok: “What you simply stated is about 20 p.c okay with me.” or “I’m working late and don’t have time to sort out three extra letter” or “I’m a dad. Texting isn’t my first, second, or third language.”

okay: “What you simply stated is about 7 p.c okay with me” or “I’m working late and I’m additionally irritated about what you simply stated.”

kk: “I’m okay however in a cutesy approach.”

LOL: “I’m not likely laughing out loud, however you probably did make me smile.”

lol: “You’re humorous, however not humorous sufficient to warrant uppercase letters.”

lolz: “It’s previous four p.m. and every thing’s a little bit bit humorous to me.”

Is sensible: “It is not sensible. Like in any respect.”

mmmkay: “You’re useless to me.”

Okay: “¯_(ツ)_/¯”

Okey: “¯_(ツ)_/¯, however in a cutesy approach.”

Over and out: “I’ve watched an excessive amount of Stranger Issues and I type of want you have been out of vary proper now.”

Positive: “You’ve thrown a wrench in my day, however sure: I’ll do X for you.”

Yeah: “I’m not keen about something proper now, together with you.”

Yep: “Mmmhmmm.”

Added Punctuation

. : “Shhhhhhhh.” or “I’m not hyped sufficient to make use of an exclamation level.”

… : “You’ve got rendered me actually speechless” or “I really feel the necessity to insert dramatic pauses between every thing I say.”

??? : “You puzzle me. You’re an enigma.”

! : “I’m genuinely excited that you simply slid into my DMs” or “I’m ingenuously excited that you simply slid into my DMs” or “I want you to assume I’m sort, OKAY?!”

Slack is linguistic minefield, too. Right here’s tips on how to maintain your DMs with coworkers wholesome and tips on how to write emails your boss will reply in, like, a second. 

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