Catnip: An Herb That You and Your Cat Would Love

Catnip: An Herb That You and Your Cat Would Love

You’ve got most likely watched cat movies the place catnip is concerned. This herb, as most pet lovers know, is extraordinarily widespread with cats. House owners normally use catnip to maintain their cats relaxed, whereas some merely get pleasure from watching their cats’ antics as soon as they begin reacting to the herb.

However apart from its hilarious and innocent impact on cats, what else is catnip good for? Preserve studying and you will uncover the assorted well being advantages of this herb for each cats and people.

What Is Catnip?

Catnip is a perennial plant that usually grows 25 to 40 centimeters tall, or roughly about 10 to 16 inches. It’s believed that catnip originated from Europe and was solely launched to American soil when European settlements have been established.1

Right now, catnip is freely cultivated as a typical backyard plant and is normally present in pastures, fencerows and barnyards. The plant has distinct heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges that emit a minty odor when both crushed or bruised. Its small flowers develop in clusters, with their colour starting from white to lavender.2

However how does catnip work, and why do cats get pleasure from it a lot? Catnip’s mesmerizing results could also be due to nepetalactone, a chemical substance that triggers a euphoric state in felines.three The impact will depend on the way you introduce it to your pet’s system. Sniffing the leaves triggers a stimulant impact, whereas consuming them might have a sedative-like impact in your cat.four

You will Be Impressed by Catnip Herb’s Advantages

The catnip plant has quite a few advantages for each felines and folks. In people, it might:

Assist with digestive discomfort — Catnip could also be used to ease rigidity within the easy muscle tissues of the abdomen. This helps cease the spasms that normally trigger stomachaches and any digestive ache.5
Promote rest — German scientists be aware that nepetalactone isomers present in catnip operate equally to the sedative elements of valerian root. This may occasionally assist alleviate nervousness signs and promote higher sleep high quality.6
Helps combat off infections — A 2012 examine confirmed that catnip has antimicrobial properties which may be efficient in opposition to foodborne pathogens, together with Shigella and Salmonella. It really works by means of its bactericidal and bacteriostatic actions.7
Operate as a menstrual support — For years, catnip has been used to advertise higher menstrual stream, serving to reduce stomach cramps and different discomforts that normally accompany the menstrual cycle.eight

Catnip has additionally been noticed to have antiseptic, carminative and tonic properties.9 Nonetheless, extra research are required to totally perceive the mechanism by which this herb impacts the assorted techniques of the human physique. In the meantime, listed here are methods on how you need to use catnip to your feline companions:

Serves as each a sedative and a stimulant — Relying on how your cat ingests catnip, it may well make your pet both hyper or sedated. Catnip might assist maintain your cats relaxed throughout occasions that will set off excessive nervousness.10

Relieves cat flatulence — Similar to in people, catnip could also be useful for cats who’re affected by flatulence attributable to quite a lot of elements, comparable to their food regimen, unintended swallowing of air and malabsorption.11 Cat flatulence may be introduced on by stress.

Catnip is a carminative,12 which signifies that it promotes the elimination of fuel from the intestines. It additionally helps take away cats from a confused state,13 which can be a reason behind fuel in felines.14

Helps with pores and skin situations — Cats are susceptible to numerous pores and skin situations and irritations, some attributable to allergic reactions.15 Giving your pet a catnip tea bathtub is not going to solely assist soothe their irritated pores and skin however may assist keep at bay fleas and ticks.16,17 Catnip has been confirmed to be more practical in repelling bugs than DEET.18

What Else Is Catnip Used For?

The catnip plant could be reworked into completely different merchandise with varied makes use of. The herb could be bought dried or as a tea or tincture. Dried catnip could also be sprinkled on scratching posts and pet beds to encourage your cat to make use of this stuff.19 Some pet toy corporations additionally use catnip as fillers to maintain cats fascinated with their toys.20

In people, the tea created from dried catnip can work as a treatment for stomachache and toddler colic.21 If you’re fascinated with making an attempt catnip tea, use the recipe beneath from the web site New Life on a Homestead:22


1 tablespoon Chamomile-Catnip-Lemon Balm combination
1 cup water
Uncooked honey, to style


Create a mix of dried chamomile, catnip and lemon balm by mixing one half chamomile, two components catnip and one half lemon balm.
Retailer the combination in an hermetic container to protect taste and high quality.
To brew tea, add 1 tablespoon of the combination to 1 cup of sizzling water.
Let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Add honey to style. Serve.

You Can Additionally Strive Catnip Important Oil

Catnip important oil can be utilized medicinally or as an insect repellent. It additionally has relaxant, antispasmodic and allelopathic properties.23 A number of the advantages of catnip oil embrace:

Repels mosquitoes — A 2011 examine out of Iowa State College in contrast the effectiveness of catnip important oil to that of DEET. The outcomes confirmed that catnip important oil had higher spatial repellency than DEET, which solely labored when utilized in excessive quantities.24
Enhances temper — Catnip oil might mitigate sure nervousness signs like nightmares and restlessness. For nervous states, catnip does properly when combined with chamomile, lavender and lemon balm.25
Aids in detox — Catnip oil has stimulant and diaphoretic properties, which assist in cleansing. It additionally helps in ridding the physique of dangerous substances.26

Catnip oil can be wealthy in carvacrol and thymol, that are identified for his or her antibacterial properties. Due to these elements, catnip oil could also be used as a conventional therapy for serving to ease colds, flus and even bronchitis.27

The right way to Make Catnip Oil Infusion

The frequent methodology for making catnip oil is distillation, however you can too make your personal infusion. I extremely suggest that you simply purchase natural catnip or use catnip that you have grown in your personal yard to make certain that no dangerous fertilizers or pesticides have been utilized in rising the plant.

Immerse the chopped leaves in coconut or olive oil (use high-quality olive oil as a result of a lot of the oils which are bought available in the market are adulterated with a distilled type of olive oil or different forms of oil) and warmth the concoction at 200 levels Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 hours. Let cool and pressure out the leaves. You’ll be able to put the oil in small containers and retailer it within the fridge.28

Recommendations on Planting Your Personal Catnip at House

Catnip vegetation thrive finest in full solar, so just remember to reserve a spot for them the place they do not get lined in different vegetation’ shade. The soil the place they’re planted must also be well-drained. Due to their hardy attribute, catnip vegetation may thrive in poor soil however might not get to develop to their full plant dimension.

Nonetheless, as a result of this plant is extremely prone to getting rolled on and broken by roaming cats, protecting measures are wanted. You’ll be able to cease your cats from attacking your vegetation by placing a decorative birdcage over your catnip vegetation or preserving them in hanging baskets in order that they’re at a secure distance out of your cats.29

Take Observe of These Potential Facet Results of Catnip

One of many questions that cat homeowners usually ask first is, “Is catnip secure?” The excellent news is that this herb is secure for cats and has solely minor results on the feline’s conduct, for a restricted period of time.

Observe as properly that not all cats are drawn to catnip. Solely roughly 50 p.c of the feline inhabitants is affected by its scent, so do not be alarmed in case your kitty is not drawn to the herb.30 Cats which are drawn to catnip, however, ought to be supervised when launched to the plant, as extreme catnip ingestion might result in gentle diarrhea and vomiting.31

Catnip ought to be averted by pregnant ladies as a result of ingesting or utilizing it may well stimulate the uterus. It could set off a miscarriage or early labor, so do not use this herb when pregnant or for those who’re planning to conceive.32

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