OK, TMI…my tampon is caught. What now?

OK, TMI…my tampon is caught. What now?

As interval horror tales go, there are few issues extra panic-inducing than realizing that you simply’ve obtained a tampon lodged the place the solar don’t shine—and irrespective of the way you strive, you simply. can’t. get. it. out.

Perhaps it’s since you forgot concerning the tampon and inserted one other one, pushing the unique one to the way-way-back of your vag. Or maybe you didn’t bear in mind to take it out on the finish of your cycle and, over time, it shimmied right into a place the place you may’t attain the string. Regardless of the cause, it’s distressing AF.

However medical doctors say there’s no cause to lose your cool if this occurs to you. (It’s so widespread there’s even a technical time period for it—a “retained tampon.”) “The excellent news is, the vagina is a finite area, so a tampon doesn’t have many locations to go,” says Natasha Bhuyan, MD, a household medication supplier at One Medical in Phoenix, AZ. “It can not transfer up greater and better into the stomach. It simply stays someplace within the vagina.” In different phrases, it’s not going tunnel by means of your cervix and get misplaced in your uterus or something. (Phew.)

That doesn’t rule out different problems, although. Dr. Bhuyan says that if a tampon will get caught and stays there for too lengthy, it might probably trigger an an infection. “Many individuals don’t initially notice they’ve a tampon retained of their vagina till they develop signs,” says Dr. Bhuyan. “They could discover a powerful vaginal odor, vaginal discharge that’s yellow or discolored, pelvic strain or ache, vaginal itching, and even redness within the vaginal space.” In very uncommon circumstances, you may doubtlessly develop poisonous shock syndrome.

If in case you have a caught tampon and you’ll really feel the string, gently attempt to pull it out with clear arms. If that doesn’t work otherwise you begin experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s best to head to your physician for an help. What you don’t need to do, says Dr. Bhuyan, is try to extract it your self utilizing some sort of object in your house. (Tweezers are on your brows, y’all.) You also needs to keep away from fishing round for too lengthy together with your arms, as it’s possible you’ll find yourself pushing the tampon in additional, says Adeeti Gupta, MD, FACOG, founding father of Stroll In GYN Care in New York Metropolis.

In fact, the perfect situation shouldn’t be getting a caught tampon within the first place. There are a couple of methods to make sure all the things goes easily, says Dr. Gupta. “Don’t push the tampon too far in—insert the applicator simply previous the vaginal entrance after which push the piston simply far sufficient to eject the tampon,” she advises, noting that the tampon string must be hanging out of your bits when you’ve eliminated the applicator. “If you’ll be busy, then set a discreet alarm in your telephone or smartwatch to remind you to [take the tampon out]. And do not need intercourse with a tampon in place.”

You also needs to use the lowest-absorbency choice potential, provides Dr. Bhuyan. “Don’t use an excellent tampon for mild days, as it’s possible you’ll not really feel the necessity to take away it or would possibly overlook you will have one in,” she says. Fortunately, period-proof exercise shorts and blankets exist—so you would even simply ditch the tampons altogether. What a time to be alive.

Menstrual cups also can get caught in a scary means—simply ask Kristen Bell. But when that doesn’t deter you, right here’s how to decide on your only option.

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