Fleece-lined sneakers are so cozy—however do you have to be sporting socks with them?

Fleece-lined sneakers are so cozy—however do you have to be sporting socks with them?

It’s formally peak fuzzy shoe season. And this begs the query: Must you put on socks with shearling sneakers—or does it defeat the aim of swaddling your soles in fuzzy fleece?

It appears merciless to deprive your toes of such a comfortable expertise… however as podiatrist Suzanne Fuchs factors out: “The moisture or sweat out of your toes can be worsened by the material and friction in your sneakers. You want one thing that may take in, and/or assist lower the quantity of moisture.” So principally, sure, please put on your enclosed shearling sneakers (boots, loafers, sneakers) with socks.

Fuchs recommends on the lookout for socks which are made with copper and silver, as they’re antibacterial. She additionally suggests socks made with temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking materials, comparable to merino wool or a nylon mix. Skip the cotton socks, as Fuchs says they will truly preserve warmth and moisture in, inflicting extra sweat.

Mules and slides with shearling are a bit trickier as a result of they’re designed to be worn sans full socks. Nevertheless, a fast Google search reveals that you may truly purchase half socks designed particularly to be worn with slides and mules.

Ethical of the story: It’s in all probability in your finest hygienic/not-making-your-shoes-smelly curiosity to put on socks together with your shearling-lined sneakers, though it’s tempting to simply let the aforementioned fleece envelop your toes in its fuzzy softness. Le sigh.

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