Progressive Overload Coaching – Finest Strategy to Construct Muscle? [Strong By Design Ep 11]

“Stress is the forex or the language of muscular progress. Load and weight and resistance are merely the instruments to create rigidity inside a muscle…” -Frank Wealthy

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The BEST technique to construct muscle is commonly debated…However in case you assume simply lifting HEAVY is the best way to pack on lean muscle mass, you’re sadly mistaken!

On in the present day’s episode of Robust By Design, Coach Chris discusses progressive overload with Frank Wealthy, founder or Massthetic Muscle. Frank provides us the 5 tiers of progressive overload and right here’s a touch, tier 1 shouldn’t be including extra weight.

Tune in to seek out out the proper technique to progressive overload for muscle constructing.

A few of the podcast episode:

Frank: [00:08:22] So progressive overload is outlined because the gradual improve of stress positioned upon the muscle mass or physique by means of train. So, let’s break that down and let’s take into consideration what that actually means and most of the people assume progressive overload is solely including extra weight to the bar or extra weight to a machine. And preface every little thing we discuss in the present day. That is for those who need to construct muscle. Progressive overload for energy coaching, progressive overload for powerlifting, progressive overload for athletic efficiency and progressive overload for muscle constructing or hypertrophy are all outlined and ought to be approached a little bit bit in another way.

Coach Chris: [00:09:04] And that is the place lots of people have it incorrect

Frank: [00:09:06] That is the place lots of people have it incorrect as a result of merely taking the strategy of accelerating stress or rising load means all I am specializing in is shifting extra weight. So why that’s incorrect is our muscle mass reply to rigidity. That is the forex or that is the language of muscular progress. Load and weight and resistance is solely a instrument to create rigidity inside a muscle. So, if I am within the simple instance to elucidate it’s most likely utilizing an train like a dumbbell bench press and can use easy numbers. So, if I am doing a 100-pound dumbbell press hundred kilos in every hand and my my fingers are completely above my elbows. That is the place that I am urgent in so I am on this place and I am urgent 100 kilos and I do this for 10 reps. Most individuals are going to have a look at progressive overload as rising the weights of these dumbbells so I’ll go from 100 lbs. to 110 kilos, so I’ve elevated the load by 10 %. Nicely load is just half of the equation of rigidity there’s load plus distance so distance from the entry of the joint that is shifting so it press your shoulders shifting. So, if I improve the load in my hand by 10 % and say 110 kilos what most individuals are going to do as a result of they will attempt to make that weight really feel simpler. In case your fingers are going to barely slide and so not lower the gap from the joint that is shifting. So, if that distance is lower than larger than 10 % moved in. Now that makes up for that.

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Time Stamps:
2:33 Frank’s health background
eight:20 The definition of progressive overload
19:32 Tier 1 Execution & Kind
22:08 Tier 2 Frequency
25:31 Tier three Quantity (workload)
26:40 Tier four Density (time)
27:45 Tier 5 Rising the load
30:15 What Frank’s present coaching appears like

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