Julia Roberts brushes with baking soda to get that megawatt smile

Julia Roberts brushes with baking soda to get that megawatt smile

Through the years, Julia Roberts has taught us there’s nothing mistaken with being a sneaker-clad runaway bride, how not to behave at a finest pal’s wedding ceremony, and that touring the world to eat, pray, and love solo is an absolute should. However considered one of her most essential classes of all? If you wish to get her well-known megawatt smile, you don’t essentially need to shell out the large bucks on beauty dentistry. Slightly, simply attain into your pantry for some home goods.

Since day one within the limelight, the actress’s ear-to-ear grin has been utterly infectious and wanted by followers to re-create. However, it seems her secret is straightforward: brushing with baking soda. Sure, significantly—even with all of the luxuries she has at her disposal, Roberts is adamant that nothing beats the hack that’s been used handed down in her household for generations.

“I brush my tooth with baking soda,” she tells InStyle. “My grandfather would put a giant heaping mound of it on his toothbrush. He had just one cavity in his whole life.” In fact, different elements of dental hygiene weigh into the chance of getting a cavity, like flossing, so make sure you care on your tooth utilizing extra than simply the multitasking ingredient.

Her pearly-whites secret is straightforward: brushing with baking soda.

Nonetheless, if you wish to see if Julia Roberts’s hack may work on your grin, you may all the time go together with her grandpa’s technique—or you may put collectively a home made toothpaste that solely has a pair substances: baking soda and coconut oil, which makes getting your tooth squeaky clear just a little simpler (and fewer messy!) to get your tooth squeaky clear. And prepare to be in your technique to Fairly Lady-worthy chompers very quickly.

Listed here are three dentist-approved methods to whiten your tooth, no bleach required. Or, learn how to maintain your tooth wholesome in the event you grind them in your sleep.

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